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Penguin reincarnation in Antarctica


As parents, you have given life to your children. Now you can give them the greatest gift of all: by revealing the pre-life potential they brought with them.


“Potentially one of the most important things you can ever do for your child – and for yourself.”

You only live once.” – Society’s most unfortunate dictum. Find out why.

Help children discover where they are really coming from. Open the horizons and watch for the signs.

the book’s purpose

How can YOUR Child Benefit from this Book?

This is the first book of its kind ever published offering a unique solution and methods. It has been created around a series of seven carefully constructed stories designed for children aged 2-7 years old. This is the age when past life events and circumstances can still be accessed if the right kind of stimulation is given.

It provides a unique solution through a series of seven carefully constructed stories introducing the notion of past lives that young children can identify with. It also includes questions to stimulate their memories and advice on how to respond to the self-realisation you may trigger.


The 7 Reincarnation Stories

The tales feature “Pengos”, a Penguin “soul”, who emerges from an egg and the experiences it encounters during seven successive incarnations. This evolutionary adventure begins with the life of a humble female Fairy Penguin who is loved and guided by her parents, who teach her to swim and catch food. Life is predictable and completely “normal” until one day, something very strange happens…

The 7 simple stories – revolving around the reincarnating spirit of Pengos allow children to feel it’s “all right” to talk about this kind of thing. Once they have gained this confidence in themselves – and are sure you will not dismiss what they say out of hand – conditions will be right for you to make some fascinating discoveries about your child and help him discover something about her life purpose.


Korora the Fairy Penguin

First discoveries of a new life, new body and new context.
The eternal “soul name” (Pengos) replaced by the “life name” Korora.
First brief recognition of a soul-mate.

General questions to gauge child’s understanding of the story.

Chinzos the Chinstrap Penguin

First encounter with conflict.
The great satisfaction of starting a family.
Chinzos has to confront his “soul name” and its significance.

Stimulation of child’s memory to reveal former life name(s).

Gentos the Gentoo Penguin

Awareness of humans and their “only hatch once” mindset.
Encounter with a hungry seal and death as part of the natural cycle.
Separation from the body and the wonder of flight (denied to incarnated penguins)!

Child encouraged to share any memories relating to Out of Body Experiences.

Macaronia the Macaroni Penguin

A difficult life: inhospitable environment and a physical handicap.
End of previous life and cause of the handicap revealed in a dream.
This results in the handicap disappearing – so two lives can be lived in one lifetime!

Child encouraged to review his/her past and identify any consequent “handicaps”.

Princessa the Royal Penguin

Pengos has now “earned” the right to experience a Trinity of “Royal” incarnations. The “soul-mates” meet at last and spend a wonderfully loving lifetime together. They look forward to ultimately becoming Emperors together.

Child encouraged to talk about any past life memories similar to this story.

Sovren the King Penguin

In this life, the soul-mates are born far apart. If only they had wings like other birds! However, this time, they have both been born in male bodies… They only communicate in dreams, but learn about different types of happiness.

Child invited to recall a previous life as the opposite gender.

Empiros the Emperor Penguin

He keeps the egg through the winter while Empressa goes to the sea for food. The egg hatches – and he meets his soul-mate again, experiencing a new kind of love. He meets the Great Grey Emperor who invites Pengos to take an important decision.

Ask the child what he/she would choose, if faced with this decision…


The Key Role Played by Parents, Science & Research

A series of questions are provided for each story, enabling parents to gently probe their children’s memories while still in the climate of confidence created by the Penguins’ adventures. Advice is also provided on how to respond if the children show any indications of “knowledge beyond their years” and what should be done in the very unlikely event of a child suffering any distress caused by past life events.

US psychiatrist Dr. Ian Stevenson’s work on cases of children remembering past lives led him to posit that inexplicable phobias, prodigious talents and certain medical conditions and problems currently experienced could only be accounted for by reincarnation. An approach followed up and developed by increasing numbers of dedicated therapists such as Carol Bowman, author of “Children’s Past Lives” and “Return from Heaven”.


Testimonials and the Colouring Activity

A section devoted to sample testimonials supplied by the first pioneering parents to have used this material follows, many of which are highly encouraging. The book finishes by revisiting all the Penguin characters appearing in the book.

This time in the form of outline drawings for children to colour – an excellent means of encouraging them to review everything they have heard (or read) and any revealing memories triggered as a result.


Another Egg, Another Life

Penguin reincarnation in Antarctica
by Gordon Keirle-Smith


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