Explore a vast, untapped resource of spiritual insight: Your own children aged 2 – 7

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Thanks to the Internet, many, many people all over the world have read the fascinating stories of children, usually aged between 2 and 7, who have vivid recall of their previous lives. For example, Barbro Karlen (Anne Frank), James Leiningar, (who remembers his life – and death – as a World War II fighter pilot) and Cameron Macaulay (“The Boy Who Lived Before”). These are the stories that make headlines, that bring a huge weight of evidence to light and are slowly bringing the notion of multiple lives back into Western belief-systems after having been suppressed for almost 15 centuries.

Maybe your children have not given you any glimpses of who they were in the past. Or perhaps you have not noticed the signs; “invisible” friends, “imagined” stories containing surprising details which, if you think about them, are far beyond anything your 5 or 6 year old child could ever have experienced.

Now, at last, there is a way of giving “normal” children a reassuring environment in which they can communicate with confidence about “the bigger picture” they all belong to.

This environment is created via a series of 7 easy-to-understand stories about a Penguin “spirit” which inhabits the bodies of 7 different species of penguin. Starting with the “Little Blue Fairy” Penguin and ending with the noble “Emperor Penguin”. The stories are supplemented by a number of questions which are open invitations for the children to talk about what they have understood from the stories – and also reveal any similar experiences they may have had. At this age, children are much closer to their Higher Selves than anyone else in their family. Some of them may even be able to talk about what they would like to do – or came to do – during their current lifetime. Very precious information for parents who can then help them fulfil their life mission.

We are all the fruit of what we have been
and what we have decided to be.


As parents, we have to follow our own “roadmaps” and also provide the frameworks of those that shape our children’s lives. Understanding this can, for example, make it easier to appreciate how two children born of the same parents can be so completely different from one another.

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