Why are your children so different from one another?

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Parents who have more than one child invariably observe significant differences between them. The eldest may be quiet, studious and self-effacing, while the younger sibling may be much more outgoing, sociable and passionate about sport. A third child may have unusual musical talents…

Does this sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered where this phenomenon might be coming from?

Do you really believe it can ALL be attributed to the DNA that you, as parents, have each contributed to create this new body? A body which is, in fact, a vehicle. “Driven” by a spirit which takes over the new vehicle at birth and occupies it throughout the vehicle’s life.

This might sound simplistic. In fact, truth IS very simple once we embrace it. Simple, self-evident and amazingly beautiful. Furthermore, as parents, particularly if your children are still in the “Golden Years” between ages 2 and 7, you have a wonderful opportunity to explore that truth, help them identify their mission in life and gain a wonderful insight into life’s meaning for you.

How can you go about this? How can you contact the “driver” and unlock the precious memories just under the surface of your young child’s everyday awareness? Memories stretching back over many lifetimes that have shaped your child’s Personality, Potential and Purpose. The three vital “Ps” which drive us all.

A new tool is now available to help you trigger these insights. As simple and self-evident as the beautiful truths it can reveal, based on a series of seven stories tracing the advancement of a Penguin “spirit” that travels through seven different lives in the bodies of seven different species.


Putting young children’s spirituality into perspective

A new approach to stimulating young children’s past-live connectivity has been developed by British author Gordon Keirle-Smith and presented as a book for parents and children entitled “Another, Egg, Another Life”.

The explanatory material evokes these children’s innate spirituality and their affinity with “where they came from”. It addresses politically-motivated “You only live once” dogmas and the importance of listening to what your children are really telling you.

Full Instructions are provided on how to use the book’s core material (7 stories based on Penguin Reincarnation in Antarctica) as a means of stimulating your children’s past-life memories. Particular emphasis is made on the need to carefully record their responses. Are you ready to explore this new dimension? It could be one of the most important things you will ever do for your child!


Watch the book trailer:

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