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reincarnation research

Past life research

We are all the fruit of what we have been
and what we have decided to be.

reincarnation research

In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to children who can remember some aspects of their past lives.

This interest was sparked by the extensive research carried out by Dr Ian Stevenson between 1960 and 2003 in this field, resulting in increasing numbers of therapists drawing on these findings to solve problems encountered by their patients of all ages. One of the best known therapists in this field, Carol Bowman, has written two particularly enlightening books on the subject; “Children’s Past Lives” (1997) and “Return From Heaven” (2001). She has also set up the Past Life Forum (http://www.reincarnationforum.com/), which has been active since 1997. It contains a carefully categorised database of over 90,000 posts and receives up to 150 new posts every day.

These cases clearly show that a child between the ages of 2 and 7 can have very vivid memories of who he was and where she lived before. This is particularly true if the previous life in question ended traumatically.

In particular, Carol Bowman’s books demonstrate how listening to children’s accounts of their former lives can reveal the sources of problems currently experienced. For example, a disproportionate fear of loud explosions, inexplicable pains suffered in various parts of the body and, most significant of all, birthmarks corresponding to the fatal wounds that ended a previous life. These cases are all extremely well documented and, once the traumatic events in the previous lives have been identified and acknowledged, any associated fears, pains and conditions are greatly alleviated and may even disappear altogether.

How often do we hear it? You may even have said it yourself!

No single idea in human history has caused more pain, more heartbreak, more abject suffering than this “throwaway line”. Now often used to justify excess or an indulgence, this fundamental “fact of life and death” was actually imposed upon the (Christian) world in 553 AD purely as a means of exerting political and moral supremacy. A precept largely followed by Judaism and entirely embraced by Islam for similar reasons.

Let’s face it, if you think you’re only going to have one shot at living on Earth, and that you’ve only got a few decades (if you’re lucky) to attain salvation and avoid burning forever in hellfire, you’re going to listen to the people with a “hotline” to God who can point you in the right direction (priests, bishops, popes, rabbis, imams and the rest of them…).

This doctrinal manoeuvre, over 1500 years ago, banishing and demonising the universally accepted natural cycle of rebirth at that time is still causing immense damage among our materialistic Western societies, and more particularly, among our children.

At a time when “irrational” subjects such as reincarnation are off limits for many, past life regression is still often seen as a “last resort” for solving children’s problems with roots in a previous lifetime. Thanks to therapists like Carol Bowman, this tide is now beginning to turn.

But what about children who have not experienced such trauma? Children who are “normal”, growing up in caring families, doing what they are told (most of the time) and listening to what their parents tell them…

When in fact, it should be the other way round!

For during those wonderful, fleeting “Golden Years” when our children are between 2 and 7 years old, we should be listening to them. We should be attentive to everything they say, everything they appear to be drawn to, for it will reveal what they have brought with them from their previous lives and the purpose of their present one.

This is the greatest service we can ever offer to our children.

Open the horizons and watch for the signs

From the age of 3 years onwards, children should be exposed to as many different horizons as possible; cultural, artistic, professional… Listen to your intuition and never forget that whoever your child may have been, she has chosen you to be his parents or guardians because only you can create the opportunities that soul needs to follow its chosen path…

Children who are strongly drawn towards a particular musical instrument for example, have an interest in some particular field of science or an unusual ability to speak foreign languages…

Such abilities are often described as “natural gifts”. What does that really mean? A stroke of genetic good fortune? How about the many cases of “gifted” children being born into families with no similarly talented antecedents? In any case, even if one such child is born into a family of musicians and becomes a virtuoso, this has much more to do with choosing the family to be born into rather than anything else.

Therefore, children who show a “natural” fascination for any field of interest or activity should be guided and encouraged to find out where this is coming from. Bearing in mind that there is only a four or five year “window of opportunity” in which to explore children’s potential “gifts” or “affinities”, parents need the right tools to explore the fields that attract them before it is too late.

In the majority of cases, among children with no troubling sequels to a previous existence, recollections of past lives never surface. Or if they do, well-meaning parents may dismiss such allusions, putting them down to “a vivid imagination” or will actually discourage their children from talking such “nonsense”.

As a result, these children will soon feel there is something inherently wrong with sharing such memories and will suppress them in order to comply with their parental model. This is even more likely to happen when children have older siblings who have “grown out of such silly ideas”. They will add weight to parental disapproval or discomfort and further discourage later arrivals from their “childish prattle” by making fun of them.

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